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The S4 Group is based in Anchorage, Alaska, USA and specializes in all aspects of land & construction surveying and land planning, Conditional Use Permits, Special Land Use Permits, Re-zonings, and residential single family home subdivisions, condominium developments, zoning changes and platting.  We have a state of the art GPS surveying system that brings new accuracy and speed to construction surveying projects, allowing us to be extremely responsive to the changing demands of heavy construction projects.

The construction surveying professionals with S4 have been the lead construction surveyors on many large and small scale road, highway and commercial developments in Anchorage and remote regions of Alaska.

 We have been involved in the planning, design and implementation of many of the most successful land development projects in the Anchorage Bowl for over the last thirty years and our no-nonsense approach to projects while keeping a diligent eye on the bottom line has given us a distinct advantage and  word-of-mouth business clients.  We know and understand the technical issues, and more importantly,  we understand the financial reality of what it takes for a successful project.  

 The S4 Group runs a tight ship and provides developers and contractors the straight answers they need.

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